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China’s Swan Song

After emerging in Wuhan the Covid-19 virus has turned global trade on its head by disrupting critical supply chains from China to international markets in a classic example of ‘force majeure’ which the Oxford Dictionary defines as a legal term for “Unforeseeable circumstances that prevent the fulfilment of a contract or disrupts business as usual”. The health emergencies Covid-19 has caused across the globe are accurately described by Oxford’s alternate definition of “Irresistible compulsion or…

Flight of the Phoenix – Christina Kirchner returns to power

It is often said that politics is theatre. This has been especially true during the past four years in Argentina, which has been a high-stakes melodrama along Kafkaesquelines, redolent with existential anxiety, alienation, and absurdity. The convoluted plot sees the ruling President Mauricio Macri and his coterie of media magnates and partisan judges trying to bury the immediate past president, Cristina Kirchner, in vexatious criminal prosecutions and relentless calumny. But when their neoliberal economic policies…
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