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Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate

In Argentinean luxury real estate, an “estancia” is a big area of land for raising cattle, traditionally hundreds of hectares. Almost always, a major water course serves as a barrier and prevents animals from invading the areas of agricultural land devoted to crops.

Within these large ranches, the owners used to build very luxurious and distinct European style dwellings, “to feel at home”. They would bring in an architect and a landscape architect to oversee the design and construction.

The owners also brought European craftsmen to carry out any finishing work. They acquired directly or commissioned furniture, paintings and sculptures from Europe for furnishing each property. They vied with each other to see who could build the most luxurious “McMansion” in the region.

The wealth that was produced from the estancias was enough for such luxuries, and many more. The owners’ families would spend long periods in Europe, hobnobbing with the children of the nobility in the best schools in Switzerland, England and France. This remained so for more than a century.

In the summer of 1968, due to economic and political changes, rural estancia tourism commenced. The reasons are varied; each ranch has its own history. However, it is understood that the properties needed maintenance, and what better way to raise money than by changing their purpose to high-level tourism?

Within this type of tourism, there are some who, along with accommodation and exquisite cuisine, offer tuition and/or practice of polo, hunting, and fishing, among many other activities that can be carried out at these wonderful establishments.

Nowadays, some of these estancias located near large cities are being parcelled up for the construction of luxurious second homes or a main house, if they are located near a good road that connects with the city in 50 minutes or less. Other estancias are kept as luxury hotels and are still surrounded by the traditional crops and livestock.

Below is a selection of Argentine estancias. We can only include brief reviews; the most extensive references are related to the possibility of acquiring a property in the area nearby or in the same estancia. Some of them have places to practice polo, fishing, etc. Each has something special to offer, e.g. it produces wine or cheese, or it is located on an island, which, in our view, places them within the top ten in Argentina.

Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate in Buenos Aires

Estancia Villa María

Dr. Celedonio Pereda, one of the most important agricultural entrepreneurs in the first half of the twentieth century, commissioned the construction of the Estancia Villa María from renowned architect Alejandro Bustillo; the work was completed in 1927. The history and present-day situation are outlined here.

The Estancia Villa María has a gourmet restaurant, wine cellar, bar, private room, cigar room and billiard tables. For guests, it has 11 rooms beautifully decorated. The interior looks out onto a wonderful park, designed by a pupil of Carlos Thays, the landscape painter Benito Carrasco. Its 74 hectares of parkland include more than 300 species of trees and plants, giving it a different hue in each of the four seasons.

image of Argentinean Luxury Real Estate, Estancia Villa María

Photo montage of Estancia Villa María, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estancia Villa María, due to its proximity to the city of Buenos Aires, has developed a plan, with sectors that are divided into lots. Within the beautiful setting of Villa María, each area focuses on a central theme, and the construction of second homes or major houses keeps the original style of the ranch. The available areas are: Arroyito, Los Alamos and Los Silos.

Estancia La Sistina

Countess Maria Eugenia Wenckheim, original owner of the island, named this property after the street in Rome where she resided. She built the home, decorated it and spent time there.

This island-estancia has only six rooms available for guests. It is characterized by luxury food and champagne. Fishing, water sports, horseback riding, along with observing the abundant wildlife, are the best attractions of this hotel.

Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate in Patagonia


Estancia Peuma Hue

This estancia is located near Lago Gutierrez, 25 kilometres from Bariloche. The property – 210 hectares – has a history of neglect. The current owners have removed the exotic flora and have devoted much effort to making it a place for tourism and sustainable living. It offers delicious food, spacious rooms and an indescribably beautiful landscape.

Among the activities included in the package are trekking, guided horseback riding, kayaking, boating and relaxing in the sauna. Yoga, massage, cooking classes, concerts, guided fishing and rafting excursions are available for an additional cost.

Tipiliuke Lodge

This lodge-estancia is located within the large estancia – 20,000 hectares – of Cerro Los Pinos. It was founded in 1909 by the grandfather of the current owners.

It has 9 rooms, a sauna, a lounge and exceptional cuisine. The activities that characterize it are fly fishing, golf at the Chapelco Golf Course, horseback riding and trekking, and there are also many other activities available.

image of Argentinean Luxury Real Estate, Tipiliuke Lodge

Photo montage of Tipiliuke Lodge, Patagonia, Argentina

Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate in Córdoba


Estancia El Colibri

This is an estancia in the colonial style, combined with technology for the convenience of the 21st century. It offers a meticulous Argentinean cuisine and very good wines. It has a spa with jacuzzi, a Turkish bath, sauna, Scottish shower and a massage room.

Among the activities available are trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding, adventure tours, and field trips. It has its own polo fields with first class horses. There are local players, and those among the best in the world play there too.

Estancia La Paz

This property is located in the old Camino Real. The estate was once owned by the twice Argentine President Julio A. Roca.

Attention is personalized and all kinds of nature-related activities are offered. There are 20 rooms, staff who speak three languages and 24-hour medical attention.

Polo is one of the features of this wonderful estancia. It has two fields where very good local players come to play. Also within the estancia is a golf course with only 5 holes and a very unique design.

image of Argentinean Luxury Real Estate, Estancia La Paz

Estancia La Paz, Córdoba, Argentina

Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate in Corrientes & Entre Ríos


Estancia Rincón del Socorro

This property covers an area of 12,000 hectares, and is located on the margins of the wetlands of Corrientes. The main house was built in 1896. It has been completely refurbished, preserving the original classic Spanish style.

The estancia is very sophisticated and refined, and specializes in eco-tourism. It offers six rooms in the main building and three cabins. It has a restaurant, a games room for children, horses, swimming pool, terraces, verandas and a barbecue.

Estancia Las Colas

This estancia is located in the city of Gualeguay, in the province of Entre Rios. Only four rooms are available, with a Renaissance atmosphere, and served with careful and personalized attention.
The main activities include tennis, horseback riding, trekking and observing the farming activities typical of an estancia.

image of Argentinean Luxury Real Estate, Estancia Las Colas

Estancia Las Colas, Entre Ríos, Argentina

Estancias – Argentinean Luxury Real Estate in Tucumán & Salta


Estancia Las Carreras

The first owners of this property were the Jesuits, in 1718. The current owners acquired it in 1779. The family Frías Silva, for over two hundred years, has taken care of the architectural and cultural heritage of the family and the area.

The estancia produces some very famous Manchego cheese from the eighteenth century. Daily milking and processing of cheese can be observed.

It has ten rooms for guests. The restaurant, called Los Alisos, masterfully incorporates local ingredients with great delicacy and a gourmet result.

Estancia Colomé

This estancia features the oldest winery – 1831 – which continues to supply exquisite produce.

It offers 9 rooms in colonial style, featuring underfloor heating. The views of the vineyard, where premium wines are produced, are simply wonderful.

Guests can enjoy the swimming pool, tennis courts, a putting green, massage, the terrace, dining room and bar.

Treks with native and Peruvian horses, visits to the vineyards, the winery, and the farm animals are some of the many activities that can be enjoyed.

image of Argentinean Luxury Real Estate, Estancia Colomé

Estancia Colomé, Salta, Argentina


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