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The Argentine North West Bi-Oceanic Corridor Ruta 150 is now complete

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The Argentine Bi-Oceanic Corridor Ruta 150 is complete

Argentine Bi-Oceanic Corridor RutaFrom the outstanding viewpoint called ‘Colorado’, in the  Quebrada Agua de la Peña, the tunnel Exit 5 is the view of one of the most important road openings in San Juan Province in recent years: Route 150.

This new highway of mountains and precipices, whose construction took seven years and an investment of just over 1,200 million pesos opens up a number of new investment opportunities.

This route has great importance because it was the section that was missing in San Juan to complete in the Argentine section of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor linking Porto Alegre, Brazil; the Midwest and Coquimbo in Chile, and this will be crowned with the construction of the Agua Negra tunnel which will an option going forward to connect Argentina to the Pacific.

The National Highway 150 is 85 kilometers, was opened in six sections of the National Highways and will allow all types of vehicles, joining first the towns of Ischigualasto in the department Valle Fertil and Huaco in Jáchal.

Along its length there is a stretch of 22 kilometers, which is new, and it was the most difficult containing 6 tunnels and 11 bridges, along a path between cliffs was met in the past with a lot of security issues for road traffic.

This is a dream come true of all South Americans, it is a path integration in every sense, the key to the future Agua Negra tunnel that will connect with the Jáchal Valle Fertil. It is also a tourist corridor, because the work will take an equity value, both in landscape and in paleontology. The Sanjuaninos  are left to only cross it and enjoy it, ” said Lomas a local offical. The official also expressed the hope that in the future people will visit the new Ruta 150 just as it they do with the route of the seven lakes in the South, or the path of the High Peaks in Cordoba.

This route also runs through Estancia Punta del Agua which we are currently marketing.

Running alongside this new highway is the a new 132 kv electricity grid network which will make irrigation development possible of the nearby properties and also an option for Solar farms going forward to sell power.

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