Argentine business leaders warm to Javier Milei’s presidency

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The president-elect enjoyed support from the group known as the ‘G6,’ with many asking for deep changes.

Excitement and anticipation filled the air in Argentina after the victory of far-right economist Javier Milei in Sunday’s election. Leaders and major business associations quickly supported the president-elect, voicing their eagerness to join forces and tackle the country’s economic issues.

Amidst the congratulations pouring in for Milei, the renowned “G6” alliance, comprised of top business associations including Camarco, SRA, CAC, ABA, BCBA, and UIA, was among the first to extend their good wishes. In a joint statement, they praised the peaceful democratic election and expressed their readiness to work hand in hand with the new administration to find solutions for Argentina’s developmental challenges.

Highlighting the importance of dialogue, they emphasized its significance in overcoming the obstacles that lie ahead. The Agricultural Society also chimed in, affirming their full support for the new government and their commitment to effecting meaningful changes together.

Some of the heads of these renowned associations went even further, releasing personal statements expressing their faith in Milei’s ability to lead the country to greater heights. President of CAC, Natalio Mario Grinman, pledged his full backing for the president-elect, declaring his unwavering support for the transformative changes needed in Argentina. Camarco’s Gustavo Weiss echoed this sentiment, strongly advocating for constructive dialogue as the only way forward for the country.

Small and medium-sized businessmen were also not left out, as CAME’s president, Alfredo González, stressed the need for the new president to bring much-needed clarity and confidence to those investing in the country’s growth. Even popular businessman and MercadoLibre founder Marcos Galperin couldn’t contain his elation, sharing an uplifting image on social media showing chains transforming into beautiful birds, symbolizing their newfound freedom with Milei’s leadership.

As the country celebrated its national holiday on November 20, pre-market operations were a sight to behold, with ADRs and Argentine stocks seeing an impressive surge of up to 12 per cent, while Argentine sovereign bonds also showed an increase of around 6 per cent, signalling a positive outlook for Argentina’s economic future.

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  • We should clarify that Milei is not far right, he would be more similar to the Australian liberals, he is clearly not a nationalist in the style of Le Pen or Mussolini. If he does things well, Argentina will be the great country that was a century ago.

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