Argentina’s ‘Napa Valley’- Valle de Uco

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Argentina’s Napa Valley is on the eastern side of the Andes, in a region of stunning foothills and high plains. The Uco Valley in Mendoza has rapidly become one of the most talked-about and exciting wine regions in the southern hemisphere.

Created initially as a stopping point in the crossing of the Andes on the commercial route from Río de la Plata to Chile’s Santiago, Mendoza has become the largest wine-producing area in Latin America, claiming 70% of Argentina’s wines. The Uco Valley, with its high-altitude wines, has added new dimensions of colour, perfume and taste to the distinguished Argentinian Malbec.

The western horizon of the Uco Valley is dominated by the spectacular brooding mountains with their snow-crested peaks. Charles Darwin’s diary entry following his 1835 visit gives an insight into the magnificent landscape surrounding the Valley and the Mendoza region, which can be seen on a visit to the ‘Cerro de la Gloria’.

“The stratification in all the mountains is beautifully distinct and can be seen at great distances from various colours.  I cannot imagine any part of the world presenting a more extraordinary scene.”

With ample dynamic artistic and cultural opportunities, Mendoza offers everything from theatres, museums and galleries to excursions and dancing. The region is an ideal starting point for reconnecting with nature, history and new friends with the ‘Caminos del Vino’ (the wine routes), mountains, rivers, hot springs and nature reserves. On the weekend, ‘Manzano Historico’ in the Uco Valley is the opportunity to truly integrate with the locals and the cowboys known as ‘Gauchos’.

Mendoza’s gastronomy plays a fundamental role in its charm with a wide choice from local ‘asados’ (roasts) and ‘empanadas’ to ethnic Oriental and European cuisine paired with the continent’s finest wines.

The region offers peace and tranquillity typical of the country’s lifestyle, with the purest air, a pristine environment, and ideal year-round weather. The oasis of the Uco Valley, with its picturesque and fertile land, captivates with its natural beauty and recreational potential.

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Post available in: English Español Português

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