Argentina’s Belgrano Railway dramatically lowers logistics costs

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100 wagons on the Belgrano Line departed from Joaquin V. Gonzalez in Salta, towards the town of Timbou. It was transporting 3,980 tonnes of grain, on a trip that was completed in just three days 1,180 kilometres through the old cereal line, through the provinces of Salta, Chaco, Santiago del Estero and Santa Fe.

“The revival of the railway brings equal opportunities for producers, so they can compete and export to the world,” he said Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transport of the Nation.


The Belgrano Cargas today triples what was transported in 2015 and carries the goods from Salta to the ports of the Rosario in half the time it took previously. In July, the railway linking the provinces of northwestern Argentina (Salta, Jujuy, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero and Chaco) shipped to the export ports of Santa Fe, 237,476 tonnes: 215 more than in the same month of 2015.

This tonnage is a record since records (1992) have been kept. And in addition, the journey between Joaquín V. González, in Salta, and Timbúes, in the Greater Rosario, takes now only 7 days, while 4 years ago it took years.

With the progress of the planned and running works, the objective is to reduce the time to 3 days.

During the month of July, all railway lines operated by Argentinos Cargas Trains, record volumes were reached thanks to the incorporation of rolling stock, automatic braking in the formations, new railway accesses and 700 km of renewed track in the Belgrano Line. Among the three, they achieved half a million tonnes, a figure that has not been exceeded since 2010.

So far this year, the three lines have accumulated 3,118,169 tonnes, marking the highest volume since 2012 (3,201,193 tonnes) 104 more than the same period of 2015 (1,529,806 tn).

In the the first seven months of the year, the Belgrano Line moved 1,329,981 185 more than the same period of 2015 (466,214 tons).

The San Martín line, on the other hand, carried 284,680 in July, an 83-plus same period in 2015 (155,557 tn) and the cumulative year was 1,596,687, which is 63 more than in 2015.

Finally, the Urquiza line carried 29,744 tonnes in July, 300 more than the same month in 2015 (7,437 tonnes), and the cumulative of the year was 191,500 tonnes, in this case 124 more than in 2015. With these brands, both in the Line San Martín and Urquiza, July was the best month and the largest accumulated since 2013.

Source: La Cronista ( translated )

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