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With the roar of a chainsaw, he has accomplished what many deemed impossible: Argentina’s first budget surplus in 16 years. Gone are the days of money-printing schemes to cover debts and bloated public subsidies for fuel and transportation. In a bold move, the new president has slashed thousands of state jobs (25,000 plus to date), frozen public construction projects, and bravely devalued the country’s currency.

This may have weakened the peso’s purchasing power domestically, but it was a necessary step to tackle the black market that was crippling the economy.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the call to trim government bureaucracy has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. But in a matter of months, Argentina’s fearless leader has boldly shut down dozens of government agencies, including the ministries of culture, infrastructure, and diversity.

Can you believe it? 18 Government departments condensed into only nine. And the government isn’t stopping there – even the long-standing state-run news agency, Télam, is also on the chopping block.

However, as passionate economist Milei predicted, such drastic measures come with a price. The pain is felt in the streets, where over half of Argentinians now live below the poverty line. With a heavy heart, we must acknowledge the struggles of those dismissed from government jobs and the construction workers left stranded due to halted projects. The consequences are far-reaching, from the plummeting sales of prescription medications to the drop in beef consumption – a staple of Argentina’s national identity.

It’s the beginning of a new era for Argentina. Courtesy of Milei’s policies, glimmers of hope are already peeking through the dark clouds. The inflation rate has dropped by two-thirds since the newly elected leader took office, evident in the 8.8 percent price hike in the past month.

And can we just take a moment to appreciate the remarkable transformation of the Argentine peso? Against all odds, it’s now hailed as the world’s top-performing currency in investment markets. That’s not all. The International Monetary Fund has given Milei’s austerity measures a nod of approval and pledged to lend Argentina a whopping USD 792 million next month.

While this may not spell the end of Argentina’s woes, it’s a much-needed step towards a brighter future. Milei has been tirelessly “making the argument,” and it seems to be paying off.

Javier Milei not only presents captivating ideas on free markets, individual freedom, and a leaner government but also passionately speaks on the power of competition and the dangers of overbearing policies. We will no longer be held captive by leaders who rely on handouts and restrictions.

The charismatic leader dares us to dream of a new vision and boldly fights for it without hesitation.

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Post available in: English

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