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Historians will normally agree that history is best written by those who are not nationals of the country they are writing about.

So it is not surprising that when The New York Times sent a journalist to cover the Southern Cone, once said that Argentina was like a five-star hotel in which all the guests were complaining about the room service.

His metaphor had a message: that those fractious hotel guests had no reason to complain about the room service. They merely had to stop bickering and recognise what they had to do in order to do their best helping the hotel run smoothly.

Latin Vox Machine, is one of the orchestras we heard perform recently in the CCK and is an example of what Argentina could be if everyone played their part. 

Latin Vox Machine – CCK Arts Centre

Formed by musicians who are refugees from Venezuela (4 million have escaped the hell hole so far), whos musicians make their living while performing on trains, on the capital’s subway lines and on the streets of Buenos Aires. 

Most of them are young musicians who were trained via the famous ‘El Sistema’ musical and cultural programme founded by José Antonio Abreu, which has spread from Venezuela to around the world, creating what might be called a mass movement of musicality. Today, more than a million young people are bringing classical music to the masses.

In Buenos Aires, the Sistema-trained musicians have thrived since escaping the political megalomania and economic chaos of Venezuela. 

They have embraced the chance to begin their lives again from nothing, rejoicing in the freedom they have to make music wherever they go. 

They like many of the other Venusualans who have arrived here earlier are happy here. Despondent porteños should take note.

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