Argentina: Savings Accounts or Direct investment: here is the innovative way to invest saved dollars in times of crisis

The recurring crises in Argentina generated that it has large amounts of money saved without many investment options. With a minimum investment of USD 500, Agropecuaria Surmax allows savers to obtain an attractive annual income in dollars with semiannual interest payments.

Argentines have had a general distrust of the financial system for years, added to the economic policy of exchange restrictions, causing many Argentines to doubt a lot when making a financial decision. It is known that Argentina has experienced recurrent economic crises which brought with it large inflationary shocks and sudden devaluations in very short periods of time.

However, the problem is no longer the past but the present and maybe the future. With an inflationary expectation for this year, 2021 of at least 50% and the heavy indebtedness in the years to come inflationary expectations do not seem to give way in the short term and the dollar once again took on a dimension as the store of value preferred by savers.

In this context, many savers are forced to evaluate different investment alternatives offered by the market. On the one hand, saving in safes for example is a safe option but it is not one of the best ideas. The money not invested generates a maintenance cost by the financial institution where it is being saved and also an opportunity cost, since simply hoarding without producing anything loses opportunities to earn extra money.


Agropecuaria Surmax, which was created just three years ago, already has offices in Belgrano and the exploitation of 2,600 hectares field in Roque Pérez in Argentina. In addition, it manages two trusts to raise funds from investors and apply them to production. In these short years they have already managed to assemble a portfolio of more than 500 investors and apply the funds raised to the production of meat and cereals. Thus, managing to integrate its value chain by connecting the links of food production, processing and marketing for both the domestic market and exports, without intermediaries, which makes them competitive and profitable.

The Surmax Livestock Trust offers any natural or legal person to enter the livestock business with a minimum investment of only USD 500, and obtain an attractive annual income in dollars, with semi-annual payment of interest.


The main differential of the company is that it managed to connect all the links of the productive-commercial value chain without intermediaries. The group achieved complete traceability of the meat and cereals business, integrating 100% vertically , thus eliminating intermediation costs and maximizing profitability.

“To enter the Trust, you do not need to be a person trained in Agribusiness , Any kind of investor who has some small savings and sees in the field the ability to generate wealth can access. Surmax gives you that possibility. This investment project gives you 2 options to enter the business. On the one hand, through its Fattening unit, with an annual income of 12% fixed in dollars (1-year investment). On the other hand, through its Breeding and Rearing unit, with an annual income of 16% fixed in dollars (2-year investment) “, commented Omar De Lucca, CFO of Agropecuaria Surmax.

Also, unlike most virtual investment platforms, Surmax gives the investor the possibility to carry out the operation in cash in person at their offices , or to do so through a digital membership and by bank transfer.

On the other hand, regarding the terms and conditions, the investor accesses a fixed income by contract in which the company assumes 100% of the business risk and as a guarantee of the operation they have livestock insurance to cover eventualities such as mortality or escape of the animal.

Likewise, the company ensures patrimonial support. In other words, the company has funds stored in foreign currency as a liquidity cushion. , agricultural machinery, vehicles and real estate plus all the cattle in the fattening process and cereals harvested, making the company’s assets remain as a guarantee that its liabilities taken are matched with assets.

“Livestock has always been recognized as the country savings bank due to its high profitability in the face of low risks. Companies like ours, where we are vertically integrated, allow us to offset the high profitability of different business units with others that are not so high. It is a business that works in numbers and has the potential to continue doing so “, concluded De Lucca

Source: La Cronista

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