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Argentina: Large Trucking Units are proven to be more logistically efficient

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The 90 vehicles that were sold were modified to allow them to transport a greater amount of load than normal

It comes as Argentina welcomes a super large harvest and the Transport Industry prepares for a logistical challenge. Around 15,000 trucks will arrive every day at the hubs of terminals extending from St. Nicholas to Timbúes for loading into the warehouses for ships that depart to the world with agro-industrial production.

During 2018 more than 9,900 truck trailers and semi-trailers were sold nationwide. In the first half of the year of these 30 these sales corresponded to factory-scaled vehicles or configured with the necessary adaptability to be scaled. ( truck trains )

The second semester this percentage grew to a 70 and currently reached 90. This reflects a profound change in the way transport production is built now in the country.

The price of trailers and semi-trailers now climbs to between $860,000 and $1.1 million each, depending on the number of axes and the model.

Between April of last year and January 2019 there were 820 used vehicles typified within The categories of scaled vehicles according to the data obtained of technical Revisions (RTO).

Among the provinces with the greatest number of these vehicles, you will find Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Chaco, Mendoza, and the Capital Federal.

“New vehicles can transport higher volumes at a lower cost. It Is also about vehicles with more and better technology that make the circulation safer on our routes.

This is one more step for reducing logistic costs, which is a priority of President Mauricio MACRI and for which I work every day, “stressed Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transport of the Nation.


From the new regulations of the national Government that modified the Traffic Law (32/2018) Bitrains now range from 22.40 m to 25.50 m, and can be circulated by the 15,000 km of corridors enabled by The National Highway, which will be expanded further as the Federal Road Plan work continues.

The bitrains that exceed that measure, in addition, can only circulate by specific corridors, which they must request a permit and not weigh over75 tonnes (51 tn of cargo). From a state point of view, we work to simplify these permissions so that they can be processed digitally by the Government platform and must be answered within a period of fewer than 45 days.

There are already 13 provinces adhering to the decree 32/2018 which allows the circulation of large vehicles, including Buenos Aires Province, Santa Fe, Córdoba, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Neuquén, and Missiones.

The country is already successfully circulating the First bitrain of 30.25 meters, the largest configuration allowed, This Is a bitrain that carries iron bars of Acindar from Villa Constitución, in Santa Fe, to Córdoba and back with junk metal, all by RN 9.

The Use of this vehicle has allowed savings of between 15% to 20%.

Source: El Cronista

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