Argentina and Chile open a new “Bioceanic corridor” for heavy transport use

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To reduce traffic on the “Cristo Redentor” Pass in Mendoza, a historic and congested mountain pass to Chile, Argentina opens from today with a new crossing for heavy transport, in the South of the Cuyo Province:

Paso del Cristo Redentor.

This is called the Pehuenche Pass, located in Malargüe, On the National Route 145, which began operating from 8.00 to 18.00, meaning an average daily transit of 40 trucks is now operational, and in addition to the tourist transport, which will allow greater development to the area of South Mendoza.

the For national authorities is a new “border” as it will not only allow the bilateral exchange of production but to reach to other ports of the Pacific for exporters.

An example of this is the proximity to the Chilean port city of Conception, where growth is increasing for the Asian markets.

“This new step is a breakthrough for logistics and commercial exchange between Argentina and Chile. We have done important infrastructure and worked with our neighboring country Chile, to generate this new intersection for heavy rucks, which will shorten distances, alleviate the transit of “Cristo Redentor” and above all will lower the logistical costs fundamental to the growth of trade to the exterior, “explained Guillermo Dietrich, Minister of Transportation of the Nation.t

The number of vehicles: that pass daily will be more than 2,500 units, of which 40% is cargo transport. On the other hand, the load-bearing heavy traffic will now include “sealed units”;

These are customs checked at the source and the load is not opened until it reaches the destination. It includes the hazardous cargo, especially gas and oil, and ballast (empty).

This agreement was reached between the National Executive and the Government of Chile, with the tasks of National Highway and trans-Andean organisms.

As for the tasks of the Argentine side, the national entity made them in conjunction with Provincial Highway. This was enabled by the construction of a depot at km 36 of the RN 145, in order to get the trucks and Gendarmerie to do the controls from there making the transit fluid.

This marks a historical act in the South of Mendoza, opening ties for the economic and commercial development of the regions, added to the increase in tourist activity.

Pehuenche Pass is an international high mountain pass through the Andes, joining Chile and Argentina, at an elevation of 2.557m (8,389ft) above the sea level.

Thanks to a joint effort between the two countries, which from both sides worked to make the pass “The Pehuenche” suitable for all types of vehicles, making trade in Argentina and Chile firmly entrenched.

Already in 2017 the National Government had completed the paving of the Pehuenche Internment, so with these new works, the crossroads becomes a real commercial and tourist alternative to “Cristo Redentor” to cross the Andes, which means a savings in kilometers for the whole region, indicated from the Transport portfolio.

To date it was only used for passenger transport due to the lack of customs infrastructure.

Finally, the claims from the sectoral chambers of the provincial South they managed to make the national Government, with the endorsement of Chile’s, move forward with this initiative.

Source: La Nacion

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