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Apartamento en Edificio Estrugamou en Buenos Aires – El pinaculo de la arquitectura clasica Francesa

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At the corner of Juncal and Esmeralda streets, in the Retiro neighborhood of Buenos Aires, stands a majestic and imposing relic representing an era of French architecture in Buenos Aires, a city often called the “Paris of South America.” The Estrugamou Building, resembles a French aristocratic mansion, with its chimneys, ceilings, cornices, mansard and classic columns.

The first wave of French architects arrived in Argentina in the 1820s, shortly after the independence of Spain was declared in 1816. Buenos Aires experienced a boom in construction from 1880 until the 1920s, when it was one of the countries richest in the world. The Italian, Spanish and French architecture in the construction reflect the influence in the city of the various groups of immigrants during this time.

The Estrugamou was commissioned in 1924 by Alejandro Estrugamou, an Argentine landowner and descendant of a French Basque family. Designed by the architects Eduardo Sauze and Augusto Huguier, the eclectic style of the building was strongly influenced by the baroque French and the architecture of the Second Empire. The eight-story building was built in four sections, with four equivalent apartments of 500-600 m2 on each floor. Each apartment has a living room, dining room, living room, five bedrooms and three service bedrooms. Almost all the decorative elements of the building were imported from France, and the floor was finished in oak from Slovenia. It was inaugurated in 1929, just before the global financial crisis.

The apartments of the building are organized around a courtyard, which contains a bronze copy of the iconic statue Victoria Alada de Samotracia, an angel without arms or head, standing inside a small boat. The original statue, an important part of the collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris, is a marble sculpture of the second century BC of the Greek goddess Nike. From the outside, the statue can be seen through an iron door on the south facade of the building, on top of which is engraved on the concrete in large letters “Estrugamou Building”. The names of the architects, “Suaze and Huguier”, are also visible next to the door.

The Estrugamou originally offered a large sidewalk and large garden along its south side, Estrugamou donated this section to the city (which sought to expand Juncal Street), shortly before his death in 1937.

The building has been home to several notable people, including tango singer Carlos Gardel and journalist Jorge Lanata. Its style is similar to that of other buildings in the neighborhood, such as the San Martín Palace and the Peace Palace, located in the surroundings of the beautiful San Martín Square, two blocks away.

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