An Argentine agricultural-livestock family farming business that does not stop adding to its technology

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La Olguita works around 10,000 hectares between Córdoba and Santiago del Estero. They have more than 20 machines for different jobs.

Marcelo Huber is an agricultural producer and manager of Agropecuaria La Olguita, a family company with more than 30 years of experience, based in the towns of Bell Ville, Córdoba, and Roversi, in Santiago del Estero.

The firm began with 120 leased hectares 26 years ago and currently operates 7,000 hectares of its own and 3,000 leased hectares in the two provinces. They do agriculture, with an intensive rotation, and livestock, from genetics (they have a Bradford cattle) where they reach fattening. One of the keys to this growth was the incorporation of technology and the integration of productive activities.

In the Bellville area, where the company is based, they produce wheat, oats or rye as coverage and sunflower, corn and soybeans. These days I was organizing the logistics to start planting sunflowers.

Marcelo Huber, with the new “small tractor” he just bought.

In addition, they do livestock in that area. They have Bradford cattle, and they also do a complete cycle -breeding-rearing and finishing-. They fatten between 600 to 800 animals per year.

In Santiago del Estero, the rotation is %-50% between soybeans and corn. “In 2000, we went to try Santiago del Estero because we knew that the north was the next agricultural development in the country. So we went to trial, and we stayed,” Marcelo told Clarín Rural.

In that northern region, he added, wheat cannot be incorporated into the rotation due to the environment and because the work overlaps with that of Córdoba.

The peculiarity of the Cordoba company is that 100% of the work in the field is with its own machinery, the same as in transport. They own more than 20 Case IH brand equipment, including tractors, harvesters, sprayers and other machinery, and recently acquired a unique tractor for the country through the Criolani dealer. Is about Quadtrac 500, the first to arrive in Argentina

Marcelo Huber, together with Sergio Vera, from Case IH.

“We were looking for something to facilitate the transfer of the tractors on top of the cart. And we had already been looking for something with caterpillar tracks, which is above 400 horsepower because we have a lot of heavy work and one always tries to amortize the HP and lower consumption,” Marcelo explained the reasons for choosing this particular unit. “It’s always nice to be a pioneer in technology. It adds to the spirit of the company and the operators feel distinguished,” he added.

A total of 25 people work at La Olguita, all of whom are in constant training. According to what he said, train drivers are looking to add to their profession every day. “They start studying, they take courses, they work together with the Criolani mechanics,” he said. ” We do this type of business because we know the people behind us,” he defined.

But Marcelo is already thinking about his next investment in machinery. Their idea is to change one of the combines to the Axial-Flow Series 250 and they are waiting for the new Patriot sprayer to achieve more connectivity.


This range of Case IH tractors offers full connectivity. With the AFS Connect system integrated from the factory, the tractor is equipped with a new monitor, operating system, receiver and completely redesigned hardware that enables remote viewing and remote assistance capability. Plus, an updated cab offers increased comfort, storage and easy-to-use controls for maximum productivity in the field.

Source: The Clarin

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