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Agriculture is tipped to boom in South America

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South American agriculture is set to boom.

It should come as no surprise to enterprising investors, who’ve long been told South America is to become the ‘food bowl of Asia’.

Fuelled by unprecedented growth in its middle-class population, rising prosperity and globalisation; Asia’s demand for consumables will grow for decades to come.

Recently highlighted the latest research has identified five megatrends in South America agriculture over the next 15 to 20 years.

The key megatrends identified by the research include:

  1. A hungrier world – by 2050, another 2.3 billion to 2.4 billion people will call the world home and demand 60% to 70% more food than is currently available.
  1. A wealthier world – by 2060, one billion people are expected to rise from poverty, with beef and dairy consumption forecast to jump 120% and 100%, respectively.
  1. Fussier customers – by 2050, consumers will want food that is healthy, green and ethically produced.
  1. Transformative technologies – farming, science, logistics and technology will intertwine and result in advanced supply chains, genetic science, sensory systems and data analytics.
  1. Bumpier ride – farmers are expected to encounter deeper shocks, associated with climate change, environmental change and globalisation.

“While the projected increases in global demand for food could be perceived as an insurmountable challenge, our farmers, who supply 93 per cent of our domestic food needs and are highly export oriented, are renowned for their capacity to adapt, innovate, achieve productivity gains despite declining terms of trade, and respond strongly to risks. They are well-placed to address and capitalise on these megatrends.”

While the risks are evident, and prices will be volatile at times, if you can identify well-run agricultural funds and syndicates with a view to the long term, the stage certainly appears set for some great investments to be made in the South American agriculture sector.

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Post available in: English


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  • Carlos Axel Augspach says:

    Asia is a continent with no water and any development for food production is expensive also the producing land it is very erode

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