A strong upturn in activity in the rural real estate market in Argentina

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From the real estate sector, they affirm that external factors such as inflation in hard currencies and the value of commodities and land are activating the market.

After a slight drop in the number of operations registered during July, in August, there was a new rise in the level of activity in the rural real estate market, according to the Chamber of Rural Real Estate Agents (CAIR).

In this way, the activity shows a growing trend in the last five months. Among the causes, CAIR affirms that “the rural real estate market is slowly detaching itself from local political and economic ups and downs, since external factors such as inflation in hard currencies, the value of commodities and the land, weigh more at the time of decision making”.

The Rural Real Estate Market Activity Index (InCAIR) for August was 37.06 points, an improvement of 6 points from July, which represents a rise of 19% month-on-month.

This index reflects the activity of the rural real estate market throughout the country. The InCAIR base is 97.5 points, which historically corresponds to its maximum peak recorded in September 2011.

The InCAIR is made up mainly of: -Results of the monthly activity survey carried out among partners throughout the country; -Number of advertisements for fields for sale or rent in the main graphic media with national circulation; -Number of advertisers on the CAIR website; -Rural operations carried out in the analyzed period; -Searches and queries made by investors on the CAIR website; -And the number of commercial notices in the main centres of the interior of the country.

Source: the Clarin

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