A record harvest of 145 million tonnes produced in Argentina

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They are official estimates but are supported by the historical production of maize, of 55 million tons, and a soy campaign of 55.9 million. Etchevehere highlighted “the merit of the growers in investing without looking to the elections or the current country risk.”

The agricultural campaign 2018/19 will reach a historical maximum, with 145 million tonnes, which improves by 6 % the results of the last harvest with normal climate against last years drought, the 2016/17, when they had produced only 136 million tonnes.

Against the last harvest, decimated by the drought, the production jump is almost 30%, from the 112 million tonnes produced last year.

The true “rematch” of agricultural is based on soybean production of 55.9 million tonnes and is the largest maize harvest in Argentine history: 55 million tonnes.

A real bombshell, “ as the secretary of Agroindustry, Luis Etchevehere, defined.

The official highlighted “the merit of the producers who invested USD 12 billion” in growing the crop.

“The producers overturned the bad times, sought their rematch of a year following a brutal drought,” said the official.

And he said, Nobody was or looking at the elections, or looking at the country risk, but they bet to have their rematch against the climate.”

According to the official forecast, maize overproduction will enable Argentina to “re-become the world’s second-largest exporter of cereals.

He also highlighted the good soy campaign “despite the rotation of Cultivars and all the extra land that corn took this year.”

Source: La Cronista

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Post available in: English Español

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