A group of like minded movers and shakers, seek to position Buenos Aires as one of the top 20 cities in the world

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The Government of the Buenos Aires has created the BA Global Council, which will integrate important city companies and references of culture and education to attract visitors, talent and businesses.

The Government of Buenos One launched a strategy of international projection of the city, with the aim of positioning it among the top 20 in the world.

The project aims to install it as a leading city to live, visit, study and do business, with the aim of making it one of the global capitals in quality of life, home of talent, creativity and diversity.

To achieve this, they will work on several aspects; among them, the creation of the BA Global Council, composed of renowned Argentine entrepreneurs, artists and also foreigners with a strong nexus with the city, who will advise the government.

Some members of the Council, together with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Fernando Straface

“Cities contribute 60% of the global population and in an estimated 80 years they will concentrate 80%, because they offer more development opportunities and that explains their greater share of the GDP. We have been working for a year and a half, analyzing data, consulting between universities, global networks of cities, international students and entrepreneurs,” Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the Government of Porteño, said.

He added: “From there, we created the BA Global Council, made up of a group of international people, Argentines and foreigners, but all related to Buenos Aires. The quality of life attracts human capital; we want it to be a great city to visit, seducing more tourists; to study, attracting talent, and to do business, attract investment and boost the export of services.”

The Council is made up of renowned personalities, who will advise the government of Buenos Aires ad honorem. For example, to attract important events to the city, generate specific projects that attract talent to achieve greater international projection. They will also have the mission to spread the attributes of the city abroad, such as “quality of life, talent and diversity, to position it beyond Latin America, where they are already recognized,” Straface explained.

More than 30 personalities are included within this Council; entrepreneurs that stand out Eduardo Elsztain (IRSA), Eduardo Costantini (Consultatio, MALBA), Marcos Galperin (MercadoLibre), Marcos Bulgheroni (Pan American Energy), Alec Oxenford (OLX), Martin Migoya (Globant),Hugo Sigman (Insud Group), Sergio Kaufman (Accenture), Maria Julia Bearzi (Endeavor) And Germán Martitegui (Tegui restaurant). At the level of education, the rectors Alberto Barbieri (UBA), Juan José Cruces (Di Tella) and José Luis Roces (ITBA). It is also composed of prominent people of art and culture, such as Adriana Rosenberg (PROA Foundation), Amalia Amoedo (ArteBA), Orly Benzacar (art), Tomás Saraceno (art), Daniel Burman (cinema), Axel Kuschevatzky (cinema), Eugenio Zanetti (cinema) and Hernán Cattaneo (DJ), and others such as Facundo Manes (Ineco). And local and foreign personalities dedicated to urban development, such as Alice Charles (Cities Work, World Economic Forum),David Miller (C40 Climate Leadership Group), Susan Segal (Americas Society/Council of the Americas), Charles Landry (Creative City), Emilia Saiz (United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), Julia Pomares (CIPPEC),Helle Soholt (Gehl), Solana Chehtman (The Shed), Ivo Daalder (Chicago Council).

“The Council will offer advice on how to ensure that Buenos Aires is one of the top 20 capitals in terms of quality of life, because that factor attracts human capital,” he explained.

This year the city will receive 3 million foreign tourists, but aims to reach 3.5 million in 2023 and 4.3 million within eight years, which would generate USD $3,180 million in economic impact.

In pursuit of this objective, this week the government of the Buenos Aires introduced a bill in the Legislature, with which it seeks to create Visit Buenos Aires, a non-state public entity, to promote it as a worldwide destination, following the example of cities such as New York, Barcelona and London, which have entities including the private sector in their promotion.

In order for you to have the necessary funds, an urban use right will be created and charged to visiting foreign tourists, something that is already done in more than 150 cities. “With this scheme, more than $6 million will be generated to promote Buenos Aires around the world,” they explained from the Ente de Turismo porteño.

At the talent level,“Buenos Aires has something unique in the world: several quality universities together, bringing together 830,000 students, 80,000 of them foreigners, the largest number in the region.

They are attracted by the academic quality, cost and attractiveness of the city,” Straface said. The project aims to attract more talent, up to 120,000 foreign students in 2023, to boost business and export professional services, which already contribute USD 7,700 million to the City, more than 50% of the country’s total for this area.

The goal is for them to contribute $10 billion in that concept by 2023. “More than half of the unicorns in Latin America were born in Buenos Aires. We have great potential, for our human capital and quality of life, for more international companies to set up their regional headquarters in Buenos Aires,” he said.

In quality of life, diversity weighs, among other factors: more than 50 communities live together; a 13th of the population is foreign and is among the top 10 in the world, only Latino, among LGBT audiences. “In addition, it is the first in the world by number of bookstores per capita, there is a diverse cultural and gastronomic offer; more than 1,000 parks, cycle paths and more than 4,000 public bicycles, which add to the quality of life,” he said.

To promote all these attributes, in addition to working with the Council and the new visit BA body, they will also participate in comprehensive missions, together with entrepreneurs and universities. The first destination will be China, and then it will be Israel’s turn, for its important technology industry. “We seek to promote the City in the sectors where we have advantages, as in the audiovisual sector, in which we will create a commission that attracts and facilitates the international production of films in Buenos Aires,” Straface explained.

Source: La Cronista

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