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💰 Expoagro in Argentina has a machinery boom after years of under investment

Expoagro Agricultural Machinery Show is currently open just outside Buenos Aires, this provides a snapshot to the health or otherwise of the agricultural sector.

After nearly a decade of having to live with an anti-business administration characterized as being one of the most corrupt in Argentina’s history the lights have come on with a new progressive administration.

This year there has been a boom in machinery sales, giving confirmation that the economic measures that have been taken by the new Government for the sector, plus favourable loans offered by several Argentine banks, are helping to revive the sector.

Pauny TractorsOne of the many manufacturers who best reflect this new optimism is Pauny, of Las Varillas in Cordoba which makes farm tractors. They have sold so far at the show 300 tractors valued at some $270 million. This is 20% of their annual sales of the company up from just 20 units last year.

For the salespeople, “the mood of the farmer is unbelievable,” with a new attitude to produce more. “It is a 180-degree change.

So far in the show’s local banks have advanced  more than 3,000 million Pesos to buy new machinery and there are a few days to go.

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  • 12/03/2016

    Expoagro siempre marca el inicio del año agrícola. Pero esta vez es el comienzo de una nueva época. La décima edición tuvo todo el viento de cola: el clima, ideal durante los cuatro días; el ánimo, positivo a partir de las medidas de gobierno; la asistencia, 132.000 visitantes nacionales e internacionales, la vuelta del Ministerio de Agroindustria y por primera vez en la historia, de un presidente de la Nación; y el financiamiento, fundamental para impulsar los negocios por 8.000 millones de pesos que se comercializaron en la feria.