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Gateway to South America’s , Real Estate News Service provides investment property background information for those interested in investing in Real Estate and Agricultural Related Businesses in South America.

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Our Real Estate News  Service is designed to enable our clients to have a better understanding of this region and give background information on the different types of properties or products that we market and sell. Gateway to South America specialise in a wide range of real estate product types from Special Projects, Vineyards, Dairy Farms, Estancia’s, Cropping Farms plus high-end residential apartments and lifestyle properties in strategic cities such as Buenos Aires and other popular South American locations.

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Our South American Real Estate Property Sites 

Argentina Real Estate Site
Brazil Real Estate Site
Chile Real Estate Site
Paraguay Real Estate Site
Peru Real Estate Site
Uruguay Real Estate Site

South American has a number of advantages over other regions. It’s people for one. There is no religious disharmony as there is only one major faith. Their colonial history is all the same, so there is no ethnic friction. It has some of the best farmland and agricultural opportunities in the world, combined with excellent water access and reliable climatic conditions, all make for a stable and long-term investment profile.

This News Service is sponsored by Gateway to South America which is a Southern Cone based International Marketing and Brokerage company specialising in services for investors who wish to invest directly or indirectly in real estate in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. It has won the Corporate INTL award in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

For vendors we specialise in cost effective marketing systems designed to speed up the sale time and maximise the property’s value.  We also specialise in the leading edge marketing system  vendeRAPIDO ® sales process which was developed by GTSA specifically for this market to shorten the time of sale and reduce transaction costs.

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