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Where to invest in Buenos Aires?

Buenos AiresSo, you decided you want to buy property in Buenos Aires but can not decide where. Hopefully this will offer you some guidance.  A recent study done by the Center for Real Estate Research (Centro de Investigaciones Inmobiliarias) ranked neighborhoods in the greater Buenos Aires areas by investment opportunities. It revealed the classic neighborhoods of Palermo and Belgrano as still being the best place to put your money.  Other top “barrios” were Saavedra, Villa Lugano, Flores, Villa Urquiza y Villa Soldati.

As the authors from the “Universidad del Museo Social Argentino y el Ministerio de Desarrollo Urbano Porteño” explain, the indicator of investment opportunities  “is calculated from 11 sub-indicators representing four major characteristics: urban conditions, social, economic variables and the existing investment.”

Among them, the sub-indicator of green space, becomes important when ranking the neighborhoods for investment opportunities.  And that’s where neighborhoods like Palermo, Villa Soldati, Villa Lugano and Belgrano had higher values.

The paper also assesses indicators such as the social conditions of neighborhoods, where Palermo, Belgrano, Recoleta and Colegiales prevailed over the southern suburbs.

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