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What you need to know when selling your property in Argentina

This will be the first of a series of articles about selling in different South American Countries

What does COTI means?
The COTI is the ” Real Estate Transfer Code” (“Código de Oferta de Transferencia de Inmuebles”) necessary to sell a property that exceeds $ 300,000 AR in value.

Do I have to obtain the COTI to sell my property?
Yes, if you are an owner and planning to selling your property that exceeds the value of $300.000, then you will have to obtain the COTI

Who must request for the COTI?
The owner / seller of the property

How do I obtain it?
a) On the Web page: , under the option ” Código de oferta de transferencia de inmuebles ”
b) By telephone(0800-999-2347)
c) Sending a SMS (text message)to the cell phone number 2347 “AFIP”

How much does it cost?
It has no cost to the vendor

Does it expire?
No, the COTI does not expire

Can the notary register without the COTI?
No, its necessary to have the COTI number to register it with a notary

Is it a tax?
No, it’s not a tax. It is an information code

It is possible to modify the COTI of a property?
Yes, it can be modified

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