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What is the most important thing that a person/company should consider if they want to invest in Uruguay?


Beyond the emotional elements, the investor must analyze the advantages each country offers. Investors are becoming more aware that foreign investment competition is fierce among countries, especially those located in the same geographic area; therefore comparing the advantages offered by each and every country is very good to finally decide the best option.

The American Nobel prize winner, Milton Friedman (economist) quoted ”Investors in the current context are like consumers, they are benefited because of the strong competition faced by countries, which compete to capture those who want to invest”

Successful countries, seek to look more attractive than their neighbors and that way they’ll get more investments, making significant efforts as; having low taxes, low cost of labor and social security, reducing paperwork, expanding its domestic markets through free trade agreements, among others.

In this context, Uruguay offers significant advantages. #adp02

Commercial entities
Labor laws
Social security
Special promotions offered by the government
Financial system: Special credit lines available
Capital market: Especially as a way of funding an alternative to banks
Market Changes
Consumer protection
Competition’s Control and  industrial and intellectual property

1) Overall advantages in the first place is the privileged location in America, Montevideo is the administrative capital of MERCOSUR and is located close to the major cities of South America. It is half an hour by plane from Buenos Aires and two hours by plane from Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile.

2) It has maintained throughout its history, a political, social and economic framework of comparative stability. It has a legal framework in demanding compliance with the standards and conventions (UN, EU, OECD, among others) while conforming to the legal systems of most of the modern world.

3) Its population has one of the highest levels of culture in Central and South America, very similar to the more advanced countries of the world. Income per capita distribution, despite the crisis experienced in 2002, is still showing a positive increase which distinguishes it from some of the other countries in the region. (the extremes of rich and poor)

All of the above Uruguay’s conditions, are important when investing in a country.

There are other more specific points that the investor must analyze given by the regulations that the country offers, in which we can highlight the following aspects:

What are the advantages offered by the country to the investor?

The country offers political, economic and social security. Over its history the stability has been unblemished; it has fulfilled its obligations unreservedly. Because of this, it has earned a high reputation and respect in the region and the world. Although it has a limited domestic market, unlike Brazil and Argentina, to integrate MERCOSUR, production units of the country can access its neighbors with no tariffs.

In addition, Uruguay has signed a trade agreement with Mexico that allows Uruguayan products access with minimum tariff rates, making Uruguay an ideal country to become a platform for production exporting in the region.

With the above market analysis for costs of labor, social security, taxes, government services and financial costs, we think they are more than competitive with other parameters offered in the region.

GTSA is able to offer a range of customer services for potential buyers that will enable a smooth transition for any new investment. Amongst the choices we have the following.

Punta del Este

We have some new development sites and apartments available for sale or vacation rental.  This  city is often referred to as the San Tropez of the south.


We have a number of holiday apartments suitable for investment or owner occupation on request.

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