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Savills 2014 International Land Values report is now available

Savills Global Farmland Index*

SavillsThe Index, launched in 2012, is based on data from 15 key farmland markets and aims to provide a comparative indication of farmland value trends around the globe. The Index is derived from the average value of crop/arable land in domestic currency converted to US$ per hectare.

Although converting to US$ per hectare can have an effect on annual growth rates in terms of domestic currency, it gives potential investors a good starting point for comparable analysis. It is a common denominator, which corresponds to the currency of global markets. The values are represented as an Index relative to values in the year 2002 (2002 = 100).

In addition to this index we are now tracking the performance of new markets in Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Uruguay, Malaysia, Indonesia and other emerging markets – based on real data provided by our international farmland team.

Contact the Gateway to South America team to learn about the best investment opportunities in the region. The company is a benchmark for foreign investors wishing to invest in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, providing expert advice on property acquisition and investment tours.

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