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Rice Production in Paraguay

Rice Production in Paraguay: Paraguay, a relatively small landlocked country in central South America, has an area of 406,750 km2 and a population of 6.6 million (2011). The country consists of fertile irrigated plains in the east and dry savanna in the west. Arable land is 9.6% of the land area. Most crops are grown in the easterly plains, with soybeans still being the major export crop.

However, rice is becoming increasingly important. Since 2007, production has increased more than 500% making Paraguay one of the largest producers of rice in Latin America.


Having just returned from visiting potential rice farms in Paraguay it is very noticeable to see the large number of new rice processing plants dotted around the country along with older ones being extended.

Paraguay with its very low taxes, progressive government policies and cheap undeveloped land, is at an advantage to its neighbours which have anti-business policies.  On top of this, Paraguay has rich fertile soils and an abundance of available water.

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